Monthly Archives: August 2014

Beautiful Kauai Encounters

After an 11 hour flight from Frankfurt to LAX, another 6 hours from LAX to Kauai, we finally landed on the other side of the world. Hawaii, the world's most remote islands, all the way in the Pacific. I've been to Kauai once and remembered it impressed me, although growing up on the Big Island…
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Roasted Root Vegetables

So I have discovered delicious, healthy and quick way to make root vegetables tasty. I think a common misunderstand of veggies is that they need lots of salt in order to make it yumm. Not all all! If you do it correctly with some fresh herbs and a bit of salt, you get taste the…
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Golden Carrot Soup

On a gloomy day here in Switzerland, it can actually get quite chilly. This weather makes me crave for something that would warm the bodies, and something that is homey. I've made this carrot soup before and it was easy and so delicious. So I went by to the grocery down the street and grabbed…
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Healthy Light Lunch

On Marc and I's one year anniversary lunch, I wanted to have something light in order to leave room for our romantic dinner in France. I ran to the Asian shop here in Basel and purchased a few things that I learned from the cooking course from the Legacy Program in Singapore -- the Vietnamese…
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