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I swear, I have never been in love with chai tea. In fact, Starbucks was the first place I tasted chai tea and it turned out to be horrifying... I said to myself I would never touch chai tea again. Two winters ago, I visited my best friend Lizsie in New York City. At the…
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The Art of Punctuality

Transportation is a big part of our lives, it is a way of how we are being transported from one place to another. Often involves how, when and where. In Switzerland, it is known that the train, boats, trams and buses always depart and arrive on time. Having to grown up in Taiwan and the…
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A Delight of Sweet Potato Kale Rice

So it has been quite a productive day and we've got a full schedule tomorrow ahead of us. For dinner I wanted to make something light and healthy so we are not overstuffed (Marc and I love to eat and dine well..). Thank goodness there are loads of healthy green food bloggers out there, I…
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Moments of Gratefulness

Among all the places I've lived so far... one thing that draws me closer to nature is sunset. There is something about this time of the day that makes us want to slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy ourselves. You may even notice it without watching the sunset. You may feel your body…
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