Monthly Archives: November 2015

Practice Yoga Online

During the last 3 years of my life, up until now, I haven’t been able to practice consistently at a yoga studio because I am always moving around. So whenever I am in a city, I cherish my class to practice with other yogis so much. What do I do for my home practice? I…
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Bangkok Yogis Look Over Here!

Yogis in Bangkok! I will be teaching a donation based class this Sunday (November 15th) at Yogatique Bangkok in the heart of Asok district. A 90 minute class full spectrum Hatha class designed to remind you of your personal power. We will work on standing, twist, variation in arm balances, inversions and partner work! The class…
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Shoutouts from Bangkok!

Happy November everyone! Is it getting cold and dark where you are? Well, we have quite the opposite. Now we are settled Bangkok and it is so hot here!  Can barely make it to the end of the street without sweating! There’s lots of things happening setting up our company Swiss Magic office. Though I…
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