Pregnancy Joy

Hi lovely people! Late summer has approached and we are busy moving back to Taiwan. Most of you know that I am pregnant, and this blog post and the next few ones will be dedicated to my pregnancy journey. I’ve arranged my pregnancy journal weekly in order to share this beautiful moment with you. If you…
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Beginner Yoga Inspirations

Hi lovely people! It's my last week here working at Woerthersee as a guest teacher, during this month I have learned so much about what people need in their bodies. A lot of people come in for one to one consulting because they may feel it is another way just like massage to open up…
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Yoga Around Lake Woerth

The weather has been quite unpredictable lately, it has been more rain these days than the first week. Last night there was a big thunder shower, it even hailed at some point. The storm came and went, came and went. Last weekend we had friends from Vienna came to visit us, they were a family…
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June Yoga Month at Lake Woerth

Hi dear people! As many of you probably know from Facebook that I am teaching in Southern Austria this month. The first time I came to Woerthersee (In German is Wörthersee) was October last year. Thanks to social media, I participated the Instagram challenge of BryceYoga, a yoga parent, lover who are now teaching three times…
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