Yamas – Universal Morality and Disciplines
A Code to Live With All Existence


1. Ahimsa – Compassion for all living things

Ahimsa literally means not to hurt or show violence to any creature or any person in any way. It means compassion, friendliness, and thoughtful consideration of other people and things. Ahimsa implies that every situation has to do with our duties and responsibilities.


2. Satya – Truthfulness

Satyka means to “speak the truth.” Although speaking honestly may not be always diserable,, we have to consider what we say, how we say it and in what way it could effect others.


3. Asteya -- Steya means to steal

Asteya means the opposite and to take nothing that does not belong to us. This means we do not take advantage of others.


4. Brahmacharya – Moderation and self control in sex and senses

Brahmacharya is used mostly in restraining relationships to sexual activity. It suggests that we should form relationships that foster our understanding of truths. It means responsible behavior with respect to our goal of moving forward towards the truth. It means we don’t use this energy in any way to harm others.


5. Aparigraha Non-grasping

Aparigraha means to take only what is necessary, letting go our attachment to things. We should only take what we have earned and nothing more. Aparigraha implies an understanding that impermanence and change are only constant.

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