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Beginner Yoga Class Part I

Public classes can be overwhelming for beginners for various reasons. What exactly are we doing in these postures and stretches? This beginner class will show you in detailed in a nice sequence (total of 30 minute) that you can do from home. This video is the 1st half of the class of beginner class. We…
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Beginner Series #3

This is the 3rd video of the beginner series. We'll do 2 kriya exercises, standing postures and one side stretch. Working on foundation and the basic to feel more energized. For more information about Paye Tina, visit www.payetina.yoga For Beginner Series #1, click here. For Beginner Series #2, click here. To Go Back to All…
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Yoga Beginner Series #2

A short introduction of beginner yoga. If new to yoga, look no further. This is something to do at home. Please have a mat and two blankets. We will do one Kriya exercise, standing twist, heart opener and hip stretch. Enjoy! For more information about Paye Tina, click here. To watch the video on YouTube,…
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Reclined Hip Flexor Stretch

Run, cycle or do a lot of workout? This passive sequence designed to stretch for the hip flexors and quad while strengthening the muscles, such as your inner thigh and your abdomen.
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