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Beginner Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is often a great compliment if you do a lot of exercises without long held stretches. Yin Yoga is encouraged if also practitioners practice more strength, heating building type of yoga, such as Hatha or Vinyasa yoga. In Yin yoga, the postures are often held longer, generally 3 - 10 minutes each side,…
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Yin Yoga For Your Low Back

Nice 15 minute Yin flow. Three poses, nothing fancy but great for the evening to unwind if you feel unsettled. Click here to watch on YouTube. Click here to go back to all videos.
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Moon Flow – Bloating

On your women holiday? Feeling sluggish, crampy and bloated? It may feel like you will never get to the other side. I've been there! Breathe deeply into your body and know that it soon will pass. You will definitely feel better after this video! Props needed: a bolster, a block and a strap
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