Parsvotanasana (Pyramid Pose)


  • If reverse prayer is too hard on the shoulders. Grab a hold of opposite elbows, draw the shoulders away from the ears.
  • If you start to round the upper back as you fold, squeeze opposite arms towards each other, lift the chest so the spine is upright. Hold here. Working on gaining strength and maintain an integrity for the spine. 

  • For better balance, take your back foot out to the side one step.  The more aligned two heels are, the harder it is to balance.

  • If you feel lots of weight in the front leg, especially the knee - Tighten your kneecaps without hyperextending. Press both legs down into the mat equally.


  1. From Tadasana (Mountain Pose), step your left leg back about half way. Left foot turns 45 degrees out to the side.

  2. Inhale, draw the right hip back and left hip forward, square the hips.
    Exhale, grab a hold of opposite elbows in the back. If possible, take a reverse prayer behind the back.

  3. Inhale, root down the legs, lift the torso up, and draw the shoulder head back.

  4. Exhale, fold forward. Left ribcage towards the right shin. As you fold, think about heart away from the shin and belly towards the thigh. Keep pressing the right hip away from the right ear. 

  5. Stay, hold and breath.

  6. To come out. Inhale, press the legs down to lift the torso up. Exhale, release the arms. Step back to Tadasana. 

Repeat on the second side.


  • If you have the reverse prayer behind your back, press the whole palms into the center to get the rotation and lift through the chest.
  • As you fold, fold with your heart, rather than the head. In most of the forward fold in yoga postures, think about lengthening the belly towards the thigh, and the heart away from the floor.

  • Press the right hips back, this will help square the hips and root the left leg down to support lengthening in the spine.

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