Turbo Pigeon



  • Spread your toes throughout even may it may feel foreign to you. Spread the toes engages muscular engagement, by doing so protects the joints such as your knee and ankle. Overtime it will also make you stronger.
  • It's supposed to be an intense pose. There should be no strain in any parts of the body.


  1. Come to Lunge Pose.
  2. Align your right knee with your right ankle, place your finger tips on the floor
  3. Walk your right foot to the center so it’s align with your public bone. Anchor the back leg back by tucking the toes under.
  4. Spread your front toes wide, especially 4th and 5th toes. Feel the inner arches of the feed lifts. Keep spreading the toes from now on.
  5. Lift the toes towards your shin, roll onto the outer edge of your right foot.
  6. Move your hips back, take your left knees back
  7. Then tuck under with your front hip.
  8. Take the arms out wide. Bend your elbows to the side like a push up position. Melt your heart. Look forward towards the wall.
  9. Stay and breathe.
  10. To come out. Press the arms into the floor, slide your back knees forward. Press into your arms and lift your front knee up. Lift the hips and back to Downdog.

Repeat on the second side.


  • Come to your fingertips, bend your elbows to side and feel your shoulders pull back. Keep your sternum extended to the front of the mat
  • Energetically scissor your thighs towards one another, so you're not sagging into your hips (if you are very mobile). Use this scissoring action as a resistance to go deeper.
  • Relax your face, jaw and gluteus muscles.

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