.play fully.

.playful yoga.

.play fully yoga.

.playFULLy yoga.


.playfully yoga.

.playful(ly) yoga.

: space, time, expansion, creation, evolution and infinite possibilities.

: fun, spontaneity, love, hope, trust, compassion, indignation and unconditional.

: self-organize, thread, deconstruction, reconstruct, space, wonder and aliveness.

Full Definition of PLAYFUL by dictionary (adj.)

: happy and full of energy : eager to play

: showing that you are having fun and not being serious


Inspired by the term poiesis, a term made famous by the philosopher Aristotle. It is a classical Greek term for making; it refers to coming to know by making — implying the human capacity to respond to and shape the world.

The philosophy of yoga goes hand in hand with poiesis, the speech of the soul. While working with art we often experience subtle shift from ordinary state, the consciousness that construct our daily lives, to a meditative state — much more focused and relaxed. For example, anyone that has experience a beautiful painting has experience the vivid imagination and deep emotions, which help to facilitate the range of deeper awareness, self-exploration and personal

All forms of self-inquiry begin with chaos, this messiness of seeking for an order. An experience of chaos is necessary in the process of creation. We must let go in the willingness and receptivity of flow, and surrender within the act of shaping. We may experience a sense of confusion, of not knowing what to expect, even a total fragmentation. Chaos requires one’s willingness to give up control and expectation in order for a new form to arise. What is dying, in the process of chaos, is our commitment to hold on to old attitudes. We depart these attitudes that have preserved and sustained us so far, not because we are old, but because they are old. Chaos often symbolizes something yet to come, though when in chaos, one may not foresee it: it is only afterward that we feel that it makes sense.

As you’ve seen now, taking “playful yoga” and how the dictionary would originally define “playful” to a deconstruction. I’ve “played” around with the word and then reconstructed it with my own meaning, which resonates deeply with my own vision and all possibilities it might bring. Those definitions do not end here — it is only the beginner of a process. The holding space of this concept, which, if I succeeded in demonstrating, shows it is infinite and forever changing. Everyone should have this right to be able to think and be served in this way. Finally, to be able to celebrate this moment — coming to know by making — poiesis.