Women’s bodies undergo a tremendous change during pregnancy; this is the most powerful and magical time of life – it is the source of birth and a new creation. Rather than limiting the body, learn how to utilize this time of your life as self-empowerment and transformation using different tools: pranayama (breathing exercise which helps to calm the mind, reconnect with the parasympathetic system — useful for pre-labor, labor and delivery), asanas (physical postures are practice depending on the bodies needs — hip openers, lower back stability/pain alleviation, chest openers or side body stretch). Finally, a restorative savasana will be facilitated to integrate the practice into daily life.

Committed students will develop a liberating practice that may seem challenging in the beginning. Proper posture or maintaining a strong body is vital for breast feeding and holding an infant. These tools are an asset for a lifetime.

Props supports are important for you to feel safe and supported in this transition of life. Most poses will be modified to suit your body and your need.

If new to yoga during pregnancy, it is recommended to start practicing after the first trimester. If you are a yoga practitioner before pregnancy, it is not harmful to continue gentle practice.

*Contraindications: Avoid inversions, placing pressure on the abdomen and lying on the back for long period of time during pregnancy. Other contraindications may apply for different trimesters.