„Mit Frau Chou habe ich im Wochenturnus sechs Einzellektionen zu jeweils zwei Stunden vereinbart. Ziel war, an der Entlastung meiner ‚Menopause-Beschwerden‘ und der körperlichen Auswirkung von berufsbedingten Belastungssymptomen zu arbeiten.
Durch andere Seminare und Kurse ist mir das Yoga insb. das Iyengar Yoga bekannt. Ich hatte aber nur wenig Erfahrung mit Hatha Yoga und  gar keine in der speziellen Verbindung von Yoga und Expressive Arts. Wie unterstützend die Sensibilisierung für den eigenen Körper durch die zusätzliche Anwendung verschiedener künstlerischen Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten (Expressive Arts) sein kann, habe ich bei Frau Chou zum ersten Mal erlebt.
Dieser Einbezug der Expressive Arts innerhalb einer Yoga Session ist dadurch bereichernd, weil der innere Prozess, den eine jeweilige Yogastellung auslöst, im gestalterischen Tun eine unmittelbare Reflektion erfährt.
Für mich, als ein doch eher „ziel- und  ergebnisorientierter“ Mensch, ist diese Form der Reflektion über den eigenen Prozess eine enorme Entlastung, denn sie ermöglicht ein Loslassen der doch so gewohnten Selbstkontrolle und führt dadurch zu einer viel tieferen Dimension der Wahrnehmung.
Frau Chou ist eine exzellente Yoga Lehrerin. Sie verfügt über ein fundiertes Wissen und leitet mit einer aufmerksamen und sensiblen Weise durch eine Session. Beinahe unmerklich lässt sie die gestalterischen Momente der Reflektion in die Yogaübungen einfließen. Der Ablauf ist folgerichtig strukturiert, ihre Anweisungen sind klar und verständlich. Sie weiß mit jeder weiteren Lektion eine neue „Tür“ zu öffnen und den eigenen Horizont zu erweitern. Ich habe Frau Chou als höchst professionelle Yogalehrerin kennen und schätzen gelernt und kann sie wärmstens weiterempfehlen.“

„Paye embodies true Adhikara (studentship) at the highest. There is an old saying in yoga that the greatest gift a teacher can give to their students is being a devoted student themselves. Paye has an established and consistent spiritual practice, physical practice, a hunger for learning, and steady endurance which inform and guide her creativity and personal knowledge that she is then able to offer her students. Paye’s organic ability to self reflect and sensitivity to subtle energy makes her one of those unique lights that is able to understand, love, and guide her students in the way this tradition of yoga was intended. She has the utmost of integrity, honesty, and love for the practice of yoga, honoring its lineage, and sharing it with the those whom wish to dive in. It will be obvious when you meet Payethat she has a wonderful luminous energy that is so bright and sweet!“

„When I first met Paye, I was already enchanted by her presence and personality. Paye has a unique way to share with others the gifts of yoga. I remember during the training. One of our teachers said that she was the embodiment of Quin Yun (the Goddess of Compassion). Paye’s ability to be in touch with her students really comes from her heart. Paye has a very special way of teaching, she will take you to some places of true connection with your body and soul. My heart is full of gratitude and pride when I see Paye around the globe touching so many lives with her unconditional love and willingness to serve others. I wish Paye was here in San Diego with us but I know that she is following her Dharma (her purpose) and the world needs people like her to make a difference, one heart at time. Once you meet Paye and take her class, you will never forget and you will crave for more. I love you Paye and thank you for being YOU and also being my teacher for life!”

“Paye has conducted two team-building activities for our company’s annual off-site meeting in Taiwan, both in 2013 and 2014. She combined her unique techniques from Expressive Art and yoga to guide us through the process. In one activity, she guided us to build a collective art piece using the shoes we were wearing. At the beginning, everyone was unsure how to do this and felt a bit awkward to take off the shoes in front of everyone.  She guided and invited us to explore, view the object from different angles and use our imagination and sensitivity. The creation turned out to be a piece of interesting art. It was an amazing experience! The entire collaboration had motivated different individuals to work towards a common goal, reduced competition and increased communications as we felt more connected with each other. I definitely recommend Paye Tina to every company that is looking for staff training, teamwork and wellness within organization.”

„Paye’s teaching is very solemn and soothing. She brings you on a placid yoga journey with just the right amount of work and insight. I love how she caps Savasana off with a nice head and neck massage. You roll up your mat afterwards feeling relaxed and ready for anything.”

“Paye’s classes are high quality — Her instructions and cues are very precise. I always gain something new out of her class. She understands how to weave a challenging yoga class with lots of spirit.”

“I connected with Paye during her teacher training in San Diego a few years ago so I was thrilled when we were able to do a photo shoot together. It was wonderful to be around her calm and grounded energy. I loved to see her opening up as the shoot went on and we collaborated on different poses and locations. I got some stunning pictures. We made art that day and I will never forget it.”

“Paye is a passionate and authentic yoga teacher. Her classes are refreshing and relaxing because of her calming voice and the way she sequences the class. It is also a pleasure to watch her move.”

“I have been to quite a few different yoga classes and workshops – you can tell that she enjoys teaching yoga and brings that positive energy to the class. She makes the practice suitable for each student’s needs, teaching the variations of each posture so that everyone can find out what works best for them. Even when I have a bad day, I always feel happy and relaxed after going to Paye’s class and I’m looking forward to attending more of them in the future.”