In the modern world, we spend most of our days in an office, sitting in front of a computer with our back rounded and our shoulders hunched over. Moreover, our days are spent with our attention scrambled all over the place. How often do we have the time to slow down and take a deep breath?

Moderation in stress is normal to get the job done. However, stress becomes negative when a person faces continuous challenges without relaxation or relief. Excess stress or leads to energetic blockages in the body – this may influence the mental, emotional and physical health.

The Organizational Wellness Packages offers start-up businesses and medium size companies who value their employee’s holistic health and seek external facilitator; the result is an asset turnover. Finding time to honor employees mind and body will have profound impact on their physical, emotional and mental body. At the end of the day, we cannot serve others better without feeling good.

To help build success in your office, I offer you variety of solutions. Note that the solutions are adjustable accordingly to you and your employees‘ visions and goals.

Here’s are some pinnacle themes we will focus on:

Different techniques will be introduced and practiced so employees can use them on their everyday life.

Employees will learn to do simple postures to maintain mobility, strength and flexibility in their office setting.

Whether it is staff training, team building or conflict resolution – Using low-skilled, high sensitivity approach, coaching sessions will work towards a common goal, enhance sensitivity among team members, gain broader perspective and redefine individual goal.

Gentle stretching and relaxing yoga postures that help the body to release, restore and heal.

Meditation will help to slow down the mind, observe the thoughts and get grounded. Pure bliss!


  • Classes are 2x a week
  • 90 minutes per session: 15 minutes breath work, 60 minutes restorative yoga, and 15 minutes guided meditation.


  • Class once a week
  • 2 hours per session: 15 minutes breath work, 60 minutes group coaching session, 15 minutes guided meditation.


  • Classes 2x week
  • 75 minutes per session: 15 minutes breath work, 45 minutes chair yoga, 15 minutes guided meditation.


  • 5-hour per session
  • Includes breath work, warm up, partner tasks, group coaching, reflection, sharing, and a meditation to finish.