Intermodal Expressive Arts Coaching

Intermodal Expressive Arts (EXA) is a process-oriented approach that places emphasis on sensitivity of the senses. Using very little artistic skills, we activate our senses through movement, acting, word making, painting and rhythm. Using these five art forms (modalities) – movement, theatre, poetry reading, visual art, and music, one is able to step away from the daily routine and enter a space of exploration, creativity and play.

By using the arts, we are doing and making something — a creation. The way one reacts to difficulties in arts is similar to the way one confronts life challenges; Expressive Arts assists one to step away from real life situation and find inner resources. The process facilitates change in life, find beauty and nourish a sense of aliveness.

Because our senses are essentially interconnected, therefore these art modalities will be intertwined. You do not have to be a trained artist or particular good at, for example, music to be doing these sessions.

As a facilitator, I will love you and support you in every way. Please also note that sessions are confidential and I am under supervision as a coach.