Private lessons are not only suitable for beginners, they are also great for people who wish to heal and bring their bodies back to optimal health and for intermediate/advanced students who wish to refine their practice. Working one-on-one allows me to tailor to the needs of each student.

Props and modifications are frequently used to adapt students needs and conditions. There is guidance of breath, movement, relaxation, visualization and other appropriate techniques for each individual journey.

For those who have little or no experience with yoga, private lessons will empower you to feel more comfortable in your skin and postures, which can sometimes seem overwhelming in public classes. Private lessons pave the road of understanding foundational elements such as alignment, energetic awareness and usage of breath. These are tools that last a lifetime and will continue to unravel as you practice yoga.

For intermediate or advanced practitioners a variety of challenges can emerge in the yogic journey. In private lessons we will usually refine asanas and work more deeply in the subtle body techniques and approaches to move more deeply into the full spectrum of yoga’s gifts.


If you are interested in working with visions and concrete goals in a non-traditional therapy way, intermodal expressive arts will help you to become clear with your inner resource, specific steps and reaching your objective.

Coaching sessions are for suitable people who want to ground and manifest what they really want short and long term with a process-oriented way.