Thai Massage is an ancient art used by the Thais for healing, community bonding and health care. Some say it is a form of yoga, as they call it – „lazy yoga.“ A typical Thai massage session lasts for two hours or more, which includes rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body. Receivers lay on different positions – their back, sides and stomach for a full range of body massage. This may include pulling of the toes, fingers and ears, rolfing, moving the body into different positions and stretching the major muscles to help release the blockages in the body.


The techniques of Thai massage is energy efficient, by laying on the the floor, the giver uses his/her body weight for transmission of pressure, force and energy and creates a therapeutic effect. This helps to release body tension, emotional and mental blocks that have your body drained and feel restlessness.

The development of sensitivity to client’s body is essential. The amount of pressure, depth of touch, the extent of muscles and joint should be stretch and open is „negotiable“ in bodies of practitioners and clients while seek to glide and flow in a common movement. This is a form of energy medicine.


With an advance training of Thai massage, Paye posses well informed of techniques on variation of stretching and applying pressure. Whichever reason you come for a massage session (relaxation, tension release, therapeutic effects etc.), Paye’s intention is your overall wellbeing. She works slowly and deeply, your awareness will travel with her, like a meditation journey. After the session, Paye will address and review what she’s uncovered during your session and alert with further solutions.

You will expect to have a clothed session with calm and tranquil environment. Paye’s Thai massage is by appointment so there is plenty of time to rest your body, mind and soul.