Hamstring, Heart Opener, Hip Opener, Hips, Legs, Shoulders, Twist, Yin

Yin Yoga is often a great compliment if you do a lot of exercises without long held stretches. Yin Yoga is encouraged if also practitioners practice more strength, heating building type of yoga, such as Hatha or Vinyasa yoga. In Yin yoga, the postures are often held longer, generally 3 – 10 minutes each side, focusing on the hips and shoulders region.

Yin qualities such as yielding, surrendering and melting are important part of the process of releasing. It allow the connective tissue to lengthens and the joins to lubricate, as well releasing the stagnated energy especially held in the hips and shoulders. Allow the body to feel ever so spacious, free and connected.

In this video, we’ll cover the hamstring, side of the hips and the glutes. A gentle, slow flow, ending with a mild chest opener. Perfect for beginner who have tight hamstrings or hips.

Please have a strap, a mat and a blanket for this class.

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