Hi lovely people!

It’s my last week here working at Woerthersee as a guest teacher, during this month I have learned so much about what people need in their bodies. A lot of people come in for one to one consulting because they may feel it is another way just like massage to open up the body’s energy channel and to know more about their bodies, really.

I’ve narrowed down a few points why people turned to yoga:

  • Seeking kindness to their body as a contrast to group sports/exercises as they age (golf, tennis and others)
  • Seeking emotional stability – gaining a sense of control of their life by learning how to meditate.
  • Hyper mobility and inflexibility all at the same time in different parts of the body, another words, seeking balance.
  • Feeling overwhelm in class – lessen the need to feel self-conscious.
  • Wanting to be as fit as they once were – increase of confidence.

I’ve created this Beginner 30 minute Yoga Sequence that you can just do at home, it’s a bit of everything: moving with breaths, standing postures to build stamina and flexibility in the hips, back and abdomen strengthening, gentle twist and a sweet Savasana.

Please have a mat and a chair with you. *All postures are written in English as well as in Sanskrit.

Part I – We will learn standing postures such as first and second warrior, learning the difference between close and open hip standing postures; correct arm rotation as you take the arms overhead and modification of sun salutations.

Part II- We will go over wide legged forward fold, twist, back and core strengtheners. Very gentle supine twist and a release to full stillness.

Now, this being said, yoga certain isn’t the only way. It may done more harm than good when performed without proper guidance. Often the students realized a lot of the tension that’s held in the body comes completely from the emotional aspect, they have either not been aware of that or simple are not ready to let go. In order for the body to open up or gain strength, there will be resistance in the mind, often it is this resistance that creates the tension in the body.

This is exactly the biggest differentiation of yoga and other forms of exercises if you ask me, it’s all about the breath that brings us into a deeper layer of awareness. It goes way beyond the superficial layers of our bodies. The poses may seem it’s just stretchy, but only those who felt the power of the breath and linkages of poses know the real difference. If you are just stretching, you just might as well be in the gym! So make sure you breath naturally in and out as you practice.

I hope you all had a great Summer Solstice. Summer has finally arrived. Woohoo!

With Bright Light,

Paye Tina



Hello my friends! I’ll be posting pose of the week from now on. This is something I’ve been meaning to do and procrastination can no longer wait! I have to do it because sharing the knowledge of yoga and the love I have for the practice is radical.
The actions will take you into the pose, the safety is a form of protection. Sometimes we aren’t always aware of all parts of the body. The refinement goes to those who’s been practicing for awhile now and wish to take the practice an inch higher!
So here we go! I look forward to hearing your thoughts, please leave your comments below. Thank you!

TRIKONASANA (Triangle Pose) 三角勢:
– From Downdog, step your right foot forward, build Trikonasana from here.
– Extend your right leg to straight. Turn the left foot in about 30 degrees. Front heel aligned with the arch of the left foot.
– Right fingertips on the floor, shin or block. Roll the chest open so the left shoulder is on top of right.
– Turn the left ribs up towards the ceiling.
– Neutral neck. Chin in slightly. Gaze forward.
– Extend the spine so the torso is parallel to the long edge of the mat.
– Stay and breath.
– To come out, look down. Bend the front knee, both hands frame the front foot. Step back to Downdog.
– Repeat on the second side.

– Keep your knees and and elbows tightened, however not hyperextending. Press the feet down and apart. Extend your head away from your hips and lengthen your spine.
– If you’re comfortable here, lean heart, head and ear back. Gaze up to your left fingertips.

– No sleepy kneecaps! Lift the right kneecap slightly and keep it lifted. In another words: do not hyperextend your knee joint. To stretch without straight requires steady strength.
– The center of the right kneecap should face directly forward. For most people, kneecaps tend to fall in and down. To avoid this, press the inner edge of the right foot down, turn the front thigh out until the kneecaps faces forward.
– Press the back leg down – make it as heavy as the front foot.
– Engage the abdominal muscles.
– Choose an appropriate hand position that allows the front leg to completely straighten while maintaining length in the spine.
– If looking up is too intense for the neck, look down.