Dear ones, Happy New Year! And I wish each and every one of you an incredible 2016.

The new year does bring this feeling of a fresh start – beginning of something new, we often want to have an objective, goal or even a vision towards the direction we want to go. In the past, I’ve made so many „New Year Resolutions“ yet not really followed through all of them. This year instead, I am focusing on burning all the anger, fears and creating a contract with myself.

This may sound even less objective than setting real goals. Yet defining, naming and confronting the fears are so empowering, because you are actually naming it which makes them that much less fearful (you’ll see what I mean once you’ve done it). For your New Year Resolution (if you haven’t done one, or want to make more than one), I’d propose the following:

– Naming your fears
– A letter to your anger/the person you resent
– A contract with yourself.

The letter to someone whom you’re still angry at helps to let out things that did not make sense to you, perhaps you are still trying to rationalize what happened, all these shame, guilt, and humiliation that you may still be holding onto but in denial about it – should be released onto this paper. The written contract is something you are promising yourself – perhaps it’s something you would never do and why, or things you would keep doing because so. The letter symbolizes a vow to yourself and your life that is ahead of you. When you write, you are redefining and reaffirming your integrity which is how you want to live your life. In short, we go from burning away these veils that may hinder us from seeing our true Selves to rediscovering ourselves again.

For this exercise, take three sheets of paper. First one is for your fears, second for your anger letter, third for the contract to yourself.

  1. On your first sheet, write out Dear Fear: You are…. (make your list, I’m providing a few examples of mine) – failing – falling – insecurities – incompetency – not enough of likes – getting a belly – loose myself…. Keep listing them until you feel like you have mind your clean and you’ve name all the fears you could think of. Remember, you can always come back to this list.
  2. Your second sheet is a letter to someone who has made you very upset for whatever reason and you are still holding onto the grudges. It can be a person, an event, or a memory. Start writing why you were so angry, what made your feel so hurt and what you would do to forgive this person/event/memory. Let it all go on the paper. You can call names, hopefully with right amount of control…Mine looks like this: Dear ____: This year you made me so angry many times. I felt misunderstood, judged and hurt….When you….. it’s so difficult to deal with…. I know you are…..
    Lastly, sign your name at the bottom. After finishing the letter, you may burn this letter. As you burn it, feel the liberation from this angry and sadness that’s been keeping your from feeling free. If you wish to keep it, keep it somewhere safe (make sure you don’t leave it laying around!).
  3. 3rd part is a contract with yourself. Start by making a list of things you’d like to follow through. Then with this list in mind; write a letter to yourself as you are writing to a dear friend whom you care deeply for. Be gentle, creative and poetic as you wish.My example of the list – Do as much as I can that feeds me energy – Think less – Be fair to people e.g. not let my anger out on someone.
    My letter: Dear Paye, you are by all means a beautiful, open and creative person. There are many positive aspects of yourself and your Dharma will lead you to where need to return the deeds in the world. All you have to do is say yes more and come out of your comfort zone….. Also, your worst energy is comparing yourself with others which led to feeling small…..Sign your name at the end. I recommend keeping this letter and reread it at the end of the year. It’s a great reminder of where you started and point of reference for reflection. I’d keep it somewhere safe as well. Again, with these personal things, I’d rather not have it laying around.

Give it a few days to see how you feel in your body’s energy. This method has shown positive result so far for me. I genuinely hope this is as helpful for you as it was for me.

Last but not least…. this is one of my favorite pic lately to remind us how awesome we are!

Until then, spring forth 2016!

Paye Tina