During the last 3 years of my life, up until now, I haven’t been able to practice consistently at a yoga studio because I am always moving around. So whenever I am in a city, I cherish my class to practice with other yogis so much. What do I do for my home practice? I either practice on my own, or I practice online. There are quite a few online platform to practice at home that doesn’t require you to drive or travel to the studio. The world has became tremendously local, you can practice with other yogis around the globe…online!

I know, I know. It sounds crazy. Isn’t yoga about connecting? I mean, yoga literally means “yoking” together and “reuniting,” the whole point of yoga is to bring people and have a collective experience together. I agree. It is very powerful to practice with others. Nonetheless, there are many ways to tailor to our busy lives. So if you somehow need to practice at home, here are some online platform you might find helpful.

  1. CodyApp
    If you are really into fitness, movement and workout but have limited amount of time each day or, if you want fast result in a short period of time, I recommend CodyApp. It comes in bundles and packages that you can purchase – basically online DVDs. Once you purchased a bundle, you’ll have it forever. Therefore you can always go back to these series and redo them again.
  2. Yogaglo
    Pretty much the first online yoga classes, started in 2008. A Santa Monica based studio offering yoga classes on-site while filming the classes. I joined in early 2012. I’ve been a member since then! There are many great teachers, different styles, for all kinds of focus with different length. You can even search a tutorial class for a particular pose, for example. It’s really feels like you are doing yoga in real time. Here you get to practice yoga with teachers such as Kathryn Budig, Dice Iida-Klein, Tiffany Cruishank and Tara Judelle. The first month trail month for free, then it is 18 US Dollars per month for each month. There are plenty of guided meditation videos as well. It’s brought my practice to the next level.
    I found out about this online yoga community through BryceYoga on Instagram. You can joined any of the classes for free. I suggest this one to beginners, because the classes are short and they come in 2 weeks challenges – which is great for any person starting out yoga without feeling overwhelmed and provide a sense of motivation. Here you will learn lots of body awareness, feel better and connect with other subscribers.
  4. DoYogaWithMe
    Started in 2006, This community offers various yoga from Kundalini to Pilates, they have a smaller yoga teacher base with teachers filming in different locations. Many of their classes can be viewed as HD videos in their entirety without any payment. The entire site is supported by subscription, by sales of DVDs, programs and advertisement. They do offer people the options to “pay what they can” for those who aren’t struggling financially. It’s a beautiful business model. So if you are up for free yoga, this is your perfect landing page!

So as you see, there are so many resources we have nowadays. It might even be very overwhelming. I still recommend going to a local class because nothing gets better better than being in a class with other yogis breathing and having fun together, but if you are really finding it difficult to practice at studios or what to practice with a particular teacher whom doesn’t teach at your local studio, definitely use these resources. Once you get a grip, you can switch platforms or find other ways to maintain your practice!

Happy practicing everyone!




Yogis in Bangkok! I will be teaching a donation based class this Sunday (November 15th) at Yogatique Bangkok in the heart of Asok district. A 90 minute class full spectrum Hatha class designed to remind you of your personal power. We will work on standing, twist, variation in arm balances, inversions and partner work! The class is a combination of grounding the foundation with discipline followed by playfulness to find your own expression. Let us remember the full range of who we are.

I wish to meet all you lovely yogis in the Bangkok Yoga Community! Come get your practice on!

Click here for the Facebook event

I look forward to meeting you all, Bangkok Yogis!


Happy November everyone! Is it getting cold and dark where you are? Well, we have quite the opposite. Now we are settled Bangkok and it is so hot here!  Can barely make it to the end of the street without sweating!

There’s lots of things happening setting up our company Swiss Magic office. Though I am not as involved as my husband in this company yet, I’ve been slowly picking up some tasks and feeling like in the groove of working again.

We quite like the life in Bangkok, it’s very convenient and price is so affordable. There are variety of things available. Although there is a lot of work in the company (we even work  on the weekends!) We really take full advantage of the transportation, food and Thai massage. Oh, it’s a treat!

We’re centrally located at the EM District in the heart of Bangkok, here’s what we’ve been up to lately!

Our company lunch thanks to our maid.
If you know me already, I love to eat. I love good food!

Local food at the W Market at night time. So many delicious choices to choose from. So spicy!

Walking around the street of Bangkok!

Couldn’t resist to stop drop and do yoga under this beautiful light.

Our Saturday brunch at the Bangkok Emporim/EmQuartier Mall. It made me into a happy belly!

In two weeks will be my 27th birthday, according to Thai culture, it is a thing here in Thailand to do a charity day to the retirement home or kids shelter as an offering. So we will be doing that with the company next weekend.

During the week days I’ll be at the Thai Massage Training, super excited. Sure will be helpful. Stay tune and I’ll be sure to share what I learned according anything therapeutic.

Also, if you happen to be in Bangkok, I’ll be teaching at the community based yoga studio here in Bangkok, Yogatiques on 15th of November (Sunday) at 10AM. It’s a donation based Karma class! And 19th of November at 8PM Quarterly Yin Unplug class.  Thanks to Instagram, we were able to connect and exchange! Come and enjoy!


with love,
Paye Tina

Bangkok, Thailand