Among all the places I’ve lived so far… one thing that draws me closer to nature is sunset. There is something about this time of the day that makes us want to slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy ourselves. You may even notice it without watching the sunset. You may feel your body transition from light to heavy or you may stare at the sunset light shining into your office/room. For a long time articulation of this moment was not possible, I only knew I loved it. Finally, I could named it moments of gratefulness. Have you ever watched the sun goes down without even noticing and apart from being amazed by how the light changes the color? I think this is precisely why sunset are such powerful moments, because it is happening so quickly without us being aware of it. Like any moments of our lives, even right here, right now. We only can watch, and the sun gracefully slips through the horizon, leaving us moments of contemplation, thoughtfulness and gratitude.

There are somany things in life to give thanks for. To people who love, who are the closest to us. Perhaps we do not say it enough… To our parents, our spouses, our dogs, cats, plants, neighbors, teachers, friends and family. To ourselves, who have made it to today despite any hardship, faults and failures. To abundance of life resources, and sister and brotherhoods of all beings.

Paye Tina

Below are some of beautiful sunset moments capture while traveling… 

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