Oi oi oi! Summer is right around the corner, isn’t it! Unfortunately the Swiss early summer is really teasing us with a few sunny days (it’s too good to be true ay!) followed by a week long showers with occasional sunny afternoons. There is right amount of warmness in the air for being hopeful. That being said, the weather still remained quite tamed. Despite the chilly weather, I am getting ready — made this refreshing watermelon mist with a touch of mint and lime. It tastes wonderful and hydrating at the same time since the afternoon temperature can get up to 24 degree celsius, which is warm enough to go for a bike ride or do something active outdoor. On a really good day, this is great to serve with lunch or have it as post-lunch refreshment.

Let’s get ready for the summer! This is just a few more steps than making watermelon juice.

Ingredients (servings for 2):

half of a small watermelon

5 – 7 pieces of mint leaves (add more if you wish or to garnish)

2 teaspoon of maple syrup or raw honey

2 teaspoon of lime juice

Sparkling water


  1. Cut out about 250 g of watermelon, get rid of the seeds
  2. Add lime juice, maple syrup
  3. Juice it up!
  4. Pulse the mint leaves for a few seconds.
  5. Add sparkling water to top up…! And there you have it!

Enjoy your misssttt!!!


with love,

Paye Tina

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