Happy Monday, everyone! Well, the weather here in Switzerland still hasn’t turned promising yet.. Whilst the wet weather is lingering, go have a hot chocolate! It’ll make rainy days much much bearable and cold days bright! This hidden gem in Basel called xocolatl. I know, it’s a strange name and hard to pronounce, but if you look closely. It sounds like chocolatier!

This place is located right at Schifflande stop in Basel. I’ve been to this place enough times that the staffs recognize me. When I go in, I go straight inside, drop my bag and order myself a hot chocolate. It is THE BEST hot chocolate I’ve ever had in my life. They’ve got a whole list of different kind of hot chocolate – Venezuela, Congo, Madagascar, Dominican Republic and homemade mix cold chocolate drinks. If you are on the sweeter and milky side for chocolate, I recommend going for white hot chocolate. Personally I love a good dark chocolate and have tried many from their selection, all are delicious but Madagascar is by far my favorite. It has such a beautiful taste that transports me to the jungle and I can’t help to make the „Mmmmhmmm“ sound whenever I savor it. Second favorite is Venezuela. They are excellent quality for 6 Francs each cup (big cup too!). One pays 5.50 for a powder hot chocolate elsewhere. I promise you will not be disappointed!

After stumbled upon this place, I came back again and again for the whole experience. It’s a beautiful, wooden chocolate boutique with the biggest selection I know. They have high quality chocolate bars from different countries, both to savor for yourself and as gifts. Many of their products are organic and fair trade, which really draws my attention. Though I guess you may say this is what we lament — another fancy term we gloss over for the chocoholics, but I truly believe these quality chocolate makers are shaping a lifestyle for a better cause.

The backside of the seating area is quiet, and I noticed different staffs make different hot chocolate. Some are milkier and some are less milky, of course, I go for the latter than the former. The staffs are tentative and you can tell they enjoy working there. Oh, they’ve also got my favorite chocolate brand in there called Original Beans, try the Edel Weiss from this brand. This bar changed my life on how I view white chocolate. It’s superb.

I go there when I have a break, meet friends, or pick out gifts.

Even if you are just traveling in/through Basel. This is a must-to-go place. Indulge yourself in the flavor of real hot chocolate!

Xocolatl Official Website

Opening hours:

Tuesday – Friday

9AM – 18:30


9AM – 18:00

Xocolatl on Yelp


with love and light,

Paye Tina

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