WOW! There sure is so much going on these days!

First off, we just got hitched earlier last month! It was the most magical day of my life. Thank you to everyone who joined our celebration.

Here’s a few shots from our wedding photographer few days ago! It’s been a gorgeous summer, lots of love, heatwaves (oh I love!), with occasional sexy thundershowers. 

The weekend was beyond amazing. I’ve never been really good at surrounding myself in a group due to my hyper sensitivity. During the wedding weekend, I almost died due to exhaustion — since all our guests comes from different parts of the world, I wanted to spend time with everyone, to talk to everyone, do everything with everyone and on top of that I had meeting after meetings for the wedding. At some point, I had insomnia because I was just so excited! In the end, my body just wouldn’t keep up. Even until now I feel like I am till recovering and resting. In retrospect, each moment was so beautiful and precious. It was definitely worth the whole year of planning and the stress and tearful moments. 

Secondly, the new website is in progress as I am putting all the contents together. Right now it’s lots and lots of contents writing and unleashing the creativity within. It’s just so much fun! Should be ready to go by end of September. Whoo!

I am also testing out my new DSLR for videos shooting, this is a short one I made on deep belly breathing! All the videos will be offered on my new website so you have access to them. Yep! For free! 

So that’s where I’ve been, and what I will be up to. Check back soon and thanks for all your love and support. I am filled with love and gratitude.

Love to you all,

Paye Tina

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